Baby Changing Bag

Baby bag essentials: What’s in my changing bag?

When you’re out of the house and a baby disaster strikes the contents of your changing bag can make a serious difference. A well-stocked bag will save the day, whilst being poorly prepared could leave you wishing you stayed at home.

That’s why I try to prepare for every scenario and end up dragging around a bag that even the husband can’t lift. But, unfortunately for me, no matter how hard I try or how much I seem to pack, I always forget something.

Everyone is off so we’re going out for the day.
Better pack the bag and be on our way.
Always bring extra nappies – who knows I might need twenty.
Better put some snacks in – baby might want plenty.

Don’t forget some water and some extra milk just in case.
Baby wipes for everything: her hands, her bum, her face.
Don’t forget to put in an extra set of clothes.
We might even need two outfits if her bum explodes.

The nappy cream and teething gel. Will we need some Calpol?
Better shove in some toys and of course her favourite doll.
It looks like it might be sunny, we’ll need sunglasses and a hat.
Better grab some sun cream – we don’t want to forget that.

The bag is getting full now. There isn’t room for much else.
Oh wait – we used outfit number two before we even left the house.
Should I bring an extra hat in case she loses one?
I wouldn’t want her to miss out on some fun in the sun.

Put in the hand sanitiser, nappy sacks and some tissues.
She can’t even walk yet – but hey, she might need shoes!
Spare socks and a muslin. Bring a bib or two as well.
I’m really overthinking this now – can you tell?

Do we have the travel changing mat and a blanket?
It’s always best to be prepared, so let’s take the first aid kit.
That’s it. I’m done. I think we’re packed and ready to go.
No. Throw a jacket in too. It might get cold – you never know!

Then when we get to our chosen destination it suddenly dawns on me…
The bag is full of bits for baby but what did I pack for mummy?


What’s in your changing bag? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @TheRhymingMum.

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