The hidden perks of returning to work after maternity leave

This week marks two months since my maternity leave ended and I returned to work. Whilst there are some aspects of returning to work that completely suck, I’ve managed to find some hidden perks which make the days apart much easier to get through.

Your maternity leave is coming to an end,
And you’re dreading leaving your little friend.

But, whilst the transition is going to be tough,
There are some perks that make it slightly less rough.

Here are the small perks that have helped me to survive,
As I returned from maternity leave to my nine to five.

Whilst my little girl truly is amazing,
Looking after her all day can be draining.

Going back to work is like getting a pause,
A break from all the mayhem that she can cause.

It’s a little bit of normality,
That has been good for my sanity.

I get to think like myself again.
Start using my brain again.

No mucky faces or dirty nappies.
No hungry baby screaming: “Feed me please.”

I get to indulge in adult conversation,
Without being referred to as “Roo’s mum”.

I get to eat my lunch without having to share.
No baby climbing all over me and pulling my hair.

I get to go to the toilet on my own.
Enjoy my personal space – completely alone.

I can drink my cuppa before it gets cold
Without the worry of spillages and scolds.

I can wear clean clothes that will stay that way.
No sticky fingers or snotty noses to keep at bay.

Then, at the end of the day, when my work is done
I get to rush right out of the door to my little one.

Of course I miss my daughter – I’ll tell you that for free.
But nothing beats that smiling face when I pick her up from nursery.

Our short time apart has made me much more patient.
The little things don’t make me mad, I’m just happy to be there for it.

Our bond has grown even stronger – and yours will too.
Because nothing will erase your child’s love for you.

So whilst going back to work has been a struggle.
It’s made me more appreciative of every single cuddle.

And when I’m full of mum-guilt I just think of the extra money
And all of the great things that I can now do with my little honey.

So, whilst you might find the return to work tough,
There are some hidden perks if you think hard enough.

If your maternity leave is ending soon I hope you also manage to find some hidden perks at work. Feel free to share your own positives in the comments below to help some other mums get through the tough days as they return back to work. 

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31 thoughts on “The hidden perks of returning to work after maternity leave

  1. Such a lovely poem for a very worrying time. I only went back to work once after maternity but it didn’t work out, I couldn’t cope and then after just a couple of months I found myself pregnant again. I stayed home for the rest of the time and didn’t go back to work until my younger child started nursery. Even that felt difficult, there are also many advantages. I think you’ve put it really well in this brilliant poem.

    • Going back to work has its struggles whenever it is you return. Whether your baby is 5 months of 5 years it’s certainly an adjustment and it doesn’t always work for everyone. Thanks for commenting.

  2. SO true! Weeing in peace, eating in peace, drinking tea in peace – just having to think of only yourself – is amazing. And it’s so great to see their faces when you get home! #TheMMLinky

  3. The loos at work have become equivalent to a spa break for me now as a mum. Uninterrupted and an entire readon to go to work in my opinion – well that and the tea haha. Love this and it’s fab to meet a fellow rhymer! Dawn x

  4. Going back to work is tough but, as you say, there are perks to every situation. Thank you so much for joining in with the #HoneybeeLinky! Looking forward to seeing you again next week I hope?! Xx

  5. Lovely! I often feel lucky to not have to go to work, but there are certain things about it that I do miss! Adult conversation for one. If you can get the balance between work and home life right, you’re on to a winner. Thanks for linking up with #TheMMLinky x

  6. Oh yes! I never thought I’d see work as a break, but when I went back I definitely felt like my ‘work’ days were easier. The hot cups of tea, the adult conversation, even the chance to just chill out on the train without a constant demand for attention – there are lots of things to love! Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

  7. When I went back to work in-between having my girls it was definitely a break. Those days of the week I wasn’t as tired and I enjoyed being me for a bit. I think I appreciated the time I had with my daughter even more. Thank you for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

  8. Oh this is so lovely. I’m a stay at home mum but I’ve read so many posts about the mums struggling to return to work and getting really worked up about it – I think this is such a lovely way to look at it and I’m sure lots of mums will appreciate this poem of encouragement.

    And congratulations because someone loved this post so much, they added it to the BlogCrush linky! Feel free to collect your “I’ve been featured” blog badge 🙂 #blogcrush

  9. All very true. I certainly enjoyed these little perks after returning to work with number 1. I haven’t gone back to work after number 2! I’ve decided to retrain / career change! I do miss these perks x

  10. Everyone seems to find going back hard at first but they quickly settle into the new routine and learn to enjoy it. We haven’t had to experience that and that has worked for us but most mothers don’t have the luxury of staying home. It’s good to look on the bright side of whatever situation you face. Thanks for sharing with #Blogstravaganza.

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