Hello past me, it's future you.

A letter to pre-mum me

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the person I used to be and how much I’ve changed. Most of those changes are for the better. I just wish someone had told me back then some of the things I know now. Then maybe it wouldn’t have taken me so long to realise what really matters.

NOTE: I’m probably going to regret hitting publish on this before my morning caffeine.

To the person I was,

Hello past me, it’s future you.
I’m here to tell you a thing or two.

Right now you say that you want a career.
And thoughts of a family are far from here.

But one day that will change – it’s true.
You’ll have a daughter – you’ll plan it too.

So make the most of life now and do what makes you happy.
Make the most of your freedom before you have your baby.

Go out. See the world. Do lots of fun things.

Be adventurous. Be daring. Spread your wings.

Have that extra drink, stay out partying ’til late.
It’s ok if you need to stay in bed all day to recuperate.

Having a hangover day won’t always be an option.
So make the most of it right now whilst you still can.

Never take sleep for granted or feel bad for having a nap.
Sometimes it’s OK to stay in bed, watch Netflix and eat crap.

White jeans. White tops. White dresses. Wear them all.
Soon they won’t be safe from baby sick, sticky fingers and drool.

Embrace the silence

Soak up all the quiet whilst you can.
When you have a baby quiet-time doesn’t always go to plan.

Enjoy your freedom and going to the toilet alone.
And all that time spent playing on your phone.

All these things that you take for granted now.
Will all become special treats, somehow.

All that decorating you’ve been meaning to do?
The kitchen, the painting and the gardening too.

When the baby is here there won’t be time to decorate.
So get a move on already before it’s too late.

Try to love your body

Be comfortable in your skin.
Stop stressing about whether you’re too fat or too thin.

Your body is amazing and it will perform miracles soon.
So stop looking at it with such doom and gloom.

Stop trying to stay friends with people who don’t care.
One day you won’t even realise that they’re no longer there.

You only need a handful of true friends.
The ones that will stick by you ’til the very end.

When your life becomes busy and your time is precious.
There won’t be time for people who couldn’t care less.

Stop judging the mums you see when you’re out.

You have no idea what this parenting thing is all about.

You look at the kid and think: “Woah what a brat.”
“When I’m a parent I won’t do that.”

Well, I’m sorry to tell you but that is a lie.
And when you have your little girl you’ll understand why.

So, instead of looking over with a judgemental stare,
Try to be sympathetic because one day you’ll be there.

Please don’t let any of this put you off of what is to come.
Whilst parenting is a sacrifice, it’ll be the best thing that you’ve done.

You’ll learn to love like you have never loved before.
And, you’ll have a friend forever more.

Lots of love from future you.

If you could go back and talk to pre-mum you what would you tell her? 

34 thoughts on “A letter to pre-mum me

  1. What a great idea, loved reading this, it’s so funny to look back on our pre-child selves and think about the huge change in perspective becoming a parent gives! I think I would tell myself to stop striving for perfection in motherhood and realise it doesn’t exist-all that matters is the love. #thesatsesh

  2. Love this! I would definitely tell myself that it is harder than I could imagine, because there’s no words to explain what it truly is like. Just have to experience it. I’ve def ignored lots of warnings in my pre-mum days! #thesatsesh

  3. Oh my goodness – this made me quite emotional. I agree with all you say and especially ‘make the most of your freedom before you have your baby.’ I spent too long in my 20s wanting to settle down, get engaged, get married, start a family. I really wish I had known about mindfulness then and just enjoyed that time of life so much more! A superb post and you are so talented with the rhyming too. xx #thesatsesh

    • That was always a worry of mine too. Also, the fear of food spillage meant I avoided certain dishes in restaurants but now I’m covered in my baby’s food all the time I don’t know why I worried.

  4. This is great, I remember seeing a mother bribing her child with sweets in the supermarket when I was pregnant with my first and thinking that I would never do that, fast forward a few years #fortheloveifblog@_karendennis

  5. #thesatsesh hmmm im not sure…dont do it? lol, only joking – i’d probably say enjoy every moment and then id say to myself – wake up and do the same now. What a lovely idea for a post, why are we so harsh on ourselves? especially our bodies, you are so right – they perform miracles.

  6. Love, love, LOVE this poem!!! It’s like you could have written it for me too. All the yes’ to wearing white before baby comes along. I don’t think I own anything white now. Thanks so much for joining us for the #DreamTeam this really put a huge smile on my face. xx

  7. LOVE this so much! You’ve got it spot on! I have a lovely white skirt that used to be one of my favourites but I just daren’t wear it anymore! Haha. And yes it’s funny how those lie-ins and extra drinks become a luxury and yet somehow it doesn’t matter because life has changed completely and you’ve got new priorities. What a brilliant post! #sharingthebloglove

  8. I’ve never really worn white as I am bit of a rock chick everything was black lol. I would definitely tell myself to live a little and see the world.

  9. Haha! So awesome. They white tops and dresses line got me laughing to myself. Bought a white top the other day and then realised I probably won’t wear it for at least the next 5 years 😂 thank you for joining in with the #HoneybeeLinky! I hope you can make it to the next one on Monday morning. Xxx

  10. This is so spot on – you never know what you have until it’s gone! I definitely never made the most of being able to just lie in bed, or go to the toilet alone – I don’t think it ever crossed my mind! Your point about friends is very poignant too – I’ve lost touch with so many, but I can’t say I miss them being in my life right now. The ones who matter are always there no matter what. Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

  11. Love this and it’s so true. So many things that we stress over before babies that we look back on now and think “I’d love to have the time to even give a toot about that stuff”. My favourite line: “Stop trying to stay friends with people who don’t care.
    One day you won’t even realise that they’re no longer there.” So very true x

  12. This is brilliant and I wish I had done more of those things before having our daughter including more decorating and staying in bed for longer. Thanks for linking up at #fortheloveofBLOG. Claire x

  13. Spot on! There is so much I wish I could go back and tell myself. Enjoy the lazy Sundays, sleep, eating hot food, having 5 minutes to yourself. The list goes on! Thank you for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

  14. Ah I loved this post when I read it the first time around, and I’ve loved it just as much on my second visit! Congratulations because this post was added to the BlogCrush linky which means someone REALLY enjoyed it. Feel free to collect your “I’ve been featured” blog badge 🙂 #blogcrush

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