The Rhyming Mum is one month old!

The Rhyming Mum is one month old and I think it’s a milestone worth celebrating. 

When I started this blog I didn’t expect anyone to care what I had to say but the response has been amazing. So, I want to say a massive thank you.

Thank you

R is by far the best thing that’s ever happened to me.
I know to have her in my life makes me incredibly lucky.

But I have to admit I often find parenting tough.
I find myself feeling that I’m not good enough.

I try and I try not to get myself down.
But like it or not, some days end in a frown.

However, recently I noticed that something is changing.
My mood has lifted and I don’t find myself raging.

And I think that’s partly thanks to this rhyming blog.
It’s given me something to focus on. It’s lifted the fog.

R will always come first and that’s the way it should be.
So, as a mum I often feel guilty for doing something for me.

But, by having something creative for me to do.
I get a distraction from the daily struggles and poo.

So I want to say thank you for being so caring.
The likes and the comments. The posts you’ve been sharing.

It’s all been fantastic. It’s like medicine to me.
This little hobby that I call blogging therapy.

New blogging milestones

I didn’t start blogging to gain followers but the fact that I have had such positive feedback has certainly been a pleasant surprise. Here are the milestones I reached this month:

Here’s to another great month of blogging. If you want to set me a goal for this month comment below. 

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