8 short poems all parents can relate to

I often share limericks and short poems on my Instagram and Facebook pages. Here’s a roundup of some that most parents will be able to relate to. Enjoy!

All hugs count

I asked my baby: “Can I have a hug please?”
And she gave me a great big squeeze.
I thought: “YAY!”
“It’s my lucky day.”
But she was just wiping her nose on my sleeve.

What’s that smell?

The baby’s bum has suddenly erupted.
The worst smell she has ever concocted.
It smells so rotten,
It won’t be forgotten,
That even the dog is disgusted.


When you forget to sleep when the baby sleeps

Oh no. I’ve done it again.
I’m still awake at half past ten.
The baby is already dreaming.
So why the hell aren’t I sleeping?
I don’t know when I’ll get the chance again.

New appreciation for 7am

We’ve been up since 7 playing.
Someone must have heard my praying.
I took sleep for granted,
Before parenthood started,
I didn’t realise that 7am would become a lay in.

A night off seemed like such a good idea at the time

I had a night off and it got out of hand.
I drank more wine than I had planned.
Woke up feeling worse for wear.
But the baby didn’t care.
It was 6am and she wanted to start a band.


When you finally get a babysitter

I’ve heard separation is supposed to be healing.
But baby-free time is a peculiar feeling.
I wanted a break.
A nap and some cake.
But all I actually did was the cleaning.

I’ll nap anywhere

Going to the dentist is the price I have to pay,
For using sweets and chocolate to get me through the day.
But laying down for 20 minutes isn’t all that bad.
It’s 20 minutes of peace and quiet that I might not have had.

This is why we’re poor

Today we went on another shopping spree.
And spent all our money on the baby.
It’s a habit that needs stopping,
This addiction to baby shopping.
Because we can’t fit it all in the nursery.


If you relate to any of these short poems or know a new parent that might please share this post so we can all laugh together. And don’t forget to follow me on InstagramFacebook and Twitter for more short poems on all things parenting.

16 thoughts on “8 short poems all parents can relate to

  1. My last comment might not have gone through. I’ll try again! I love these! You nailed it. My son is three and I still get the “hug and wipe nose on me”. I really enjoyed this post, these are all so cute!

  2. Oh my goodness—i love all of these! So clever and adorable 🙂 the one about baby shopping I hear is very accurate from my mommy friends 🙂 thanks for sharing!

    • That’s great. I find it therapeutic too. I’m not sure. I don’t even know if I do have a love for poetry as such. I love writing. I always have. But I could never find a niche or genre that I wanted to stick with. It was always too hard to choose. When I had the baby I lost myself a little and after stumbling across an old notebook I knew I needed to fall in love with writing again. I wanted to do something challenging and poetry was the first thing that came to mind. It gives me an extra challenge as It requires a little more brainpower and gives me a little distraction. Sometimes I wonder why I didn’t just set up a normal blog though. I have so many ideas I could easily post everyday. But the rhyming takes me a little longer to flesh out. Maybe in time I’ll find a way of incorporating all my other ideas in some way too. Sorry for the essay. You caught me in a rambling mood.

  3. Haha! These had me chuckling a lot, thank you lovely! I needed a giggle after this particularly trying week. Thank you for linking up to #Honeybeelinky, hope to see you for the next one! xxx

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