Why I suck at being an Insta-mum

I have a confession to make I am the worst Insta-mum! I often scroll through my Instagram feed overwhelmed with Insta-envy. How do all these mums do it? Where do they find the time? Are their lives really this picture perfect? Probably not. But I will never be one of them and here’s why. 

I’m not cut out for Instagram

I often get a little jealous as I scroll through my Instagram feed.
I see the picture perfect moments others share and think: “Wow. That’s the kind of life I need.”

How do all these mums do it?
Where do they find the time?
How do they get such inspirational shots?
Why don’t they all suck like mine?

So I confess I’m not cut out for Instagram.
It takes me 100 attempts to take an average photo.
How many would it take to get a great one?
I don’t even want to know.

I don’t take care over lighting.
My pictures are dark and grainy.
I don’t have time for fancy flatlays.
They lack imagination and creativity.

I don’t eat from pretty heart-shaped bowls.
My cooking is not picture perfect.
When all you have for breakfast is cheerios a picture isn’t really worth it.

I’m not that photogenic.
I hate most photos of me.
So I rarely take any selfies.
Let alone any that are Insta-worthy.

My little girl is super cute.
So, I share lots of pictures of her.
But often even those are ruined
By dirty washing and toys scattered everywhere.

When she’s doing something cute I just snap away.
It’s only when I go to share it that I realise there’s a mountain of mess in the way.

My pictures are often rubbish quality, that I must confess.
But often it’s simply because I’ve zoomed in close to crop out all the mess.

I could share an outfit of the day.
But it isn’t really worth it.
All of my clothes are years old or purchased in a supermarket.

My house isn’t full of pretty decorations.
Unless you find mess attractive.
But I like to think it shows we’re real.
This is actually how we live.

Pretending I’m more funny than I am – that’s where I get my kicks.
So mostly I just tend to share short poems and limericks.

If this sounds like something that you could enjoy, then please follow me.
I might not have the best feed, but I’d be grateful for your company.

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Do you get Insta-envy too? Or maybe you’re great at it and have some tips for me? Let me know in the comments below. Happy snapping everyone!

24 thoughts on “Why I suck at being an Insta-mum

  1. I swear i have this thought whenever i open the ig app. But then i tell myself it’s a lot of help from filters lol. Realistically speaking, moms just don’t have the time to carefully plan these photos everyday, they must be happy mistakes or something, lol. #thesatsesh

  2. This is me! This week I’ve read two or three posts about ‘theming’ my Instagram…who has the time? I don’t even know what a flatlay is, I only use filters to try and make me look less tired/have smoother skin and I take 100 photos at a time just to get my kids looking at the camera at the same time and maybe half smiling! Great post x

  3. My kiddies are all grown so it’s got a lot easier to get shots out and about. But I can only dream of getting a nice shot in my kitchen, which has my millennials and their partners or friends frying up, crushing fruit for smoothies or hanging their laundry over my chairs… I guess I wouldn’t change it x #HoneybeeLinky

    • This reminds me of when I was living at my mother in laws whilst we saved for our house. Her children were all grown, she’d taken on all their partners and often friends too so the house was always hectic. But I know she misses the madness now! Instead she has the grandchildren to cause mayhem! Thanks for your comment.

  4. For too long I strived for a perf t instagram mood but do you know what? I hated it! I want to snao ajd share what feels good ao what if it doesnt look perfect-shocker neither does real life! Your pics are great dont get insta envy when you’ve got such a lovely family! #HoneybeeLinky

    • Thank you that’s very kind of you to say. I think my pictures are there own special kind of perfect even if other people don’t see it that way. It’s how it happened so it’s how I want to remember it. Thanks for commenting.

  5. Ha ha, almost all of the pictures I take are full of mess in the background, that s why I prefer outdoor shots when we’re walking in the middle of nowhere 😂. Although I have to say, I’ve just followed you and think your pictures are beautiful. Come join in with #funseekingkids it’s a really laid back and happy insta community with lots of real photos x

  6. Haha I know exactly what you mean. I think some of the bigger instagrammers have photoshoot days were they start off with a cleaner, then an interior designer to make the house look pretty, then a crew assembling clothes and make up and then a photographer to capture the final result!! x

  7. I love your insta feed! I think messy back grounds and stuff are appealing because it is real and relatable. I can’t imagine how much hard work goes into keeping crisp white back grounds neat and tidy with children around… who has time for all that?? Thank you for linking up to #HoneyBeeLinky again lovely. See you for the next one I hope?! xxx

  8. haha I love this post! I do get insta envy, some peoples feeds are so dreamy, and good on them they obviously put so much into it. I think it is easier the older you kids get for me to post a tidy room because they don’t have a see of plastic toys anymore and my kids can actually sit still for 5 minutes which they couldn’t do AT ALL when they were little, especially number 1 and number 3 child! I just snap pics on my phone and they usually turn out good enough, I couldn’t be bothered taking 50 pics just to get one good one it is not me. But I do like to post pretty pics, so if I see something pretty I snap and post. You should totally tag my insta community #livingfearlesslyauthentic as it is all based on real life. Any way just be young keep posting your adorable child!!!! Thanks for linking up with #ablogginggoodtime

  9. Haha! Zooming in to crop out the mess – yes! I do this too. And my shots are always naff. I can’t be faffed with setting things up, and I always for get to take photos when we’re out and about doing things I should definitely be taking photos of. I just don’t want to be glued to my phone when we’re having fun! Thanks for sharing 🙂 #BlogCrush

  10. Love this! I totally agree the only thing that looks a bit polished are my poems but the rest is just the random photos I take! I did get one of those word light boxes and attempt to do something instagrammy, it did not work out!!

  11. Love this post. I do get insta envy! That’s why I’m not posting on insta at moment until I figure out a way to get my feed to be original and reflect more about me and not trying to make it look like anyone elses. All anyone shares on insta is what they present as perfect but behind the camera it’s a mess. So everyone shares the same struggles. #dreamteam

  12. I think whatever makes you happy, that’s what your instagram feed should be! I have to admit that my insta does lean towards the perfect side, but I love photography and enjoy creating photos and the memories that I know I’ll want to look back on. That’s why most of my photos are outside – I don’t want to remember what a state my house was!

    • Exactly that. This wasn’t meant to slam those that have amazing photos. Just to make myself feel better about the fact that my house is a mess and my photography skills are lacking. I love your Instagram and you should be proud of your lovely pictures! Just like I’m proud of my awful ones! X

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