Why I’m always tired: A poem from an exhausted mum

People keep pointing out how tired I look, and believe me I feel it too. But when they start to question why R isn’t sleeping I have to quickly point out that my tiredness isn’t always related to her sleeping routine. Don’t get me wrong that is a contributing factor too. But actually, the reason I’m tired is much more than my lack of sleep.

Why I’m always tired

I am always tired. So tired every day.
But sometimes not even sleep can keep the tiredness away.

I never switch off properly. It’s not something I can do.
My mind is always whirling. So many thoughts spiralling through.

From the moment I wake up, until the time I go to bed,
The cogs are working overdrive, sending thoughts around my head.

What should we have for breakfast? What will we do today?
Shall we go to a playgroup? Or maybe to the park to play?

What clothes should you wear? Will you need a jacket?
Where is your bag? Do we still need to pack it?

And then when we leave the house, more worries settle in.

Did I remember everything that we needed to bring?

Did I shut all of the windows? And lock all of the doors?
Should we really be going out when I need to clean the floors?

Should you have more friends? Do we go out as much as we should?
If we’re out too long what will we have for food?

Are you eating properly? Are you eating enough?
Should we eat more healthily? Sometimes this feeding thing is tough.

Even when it gets to bedtime and the end of the day is drawing near.

My mind is still cluttered with thoughts, worries and fear.

Is your bath warm enough? Are we brushing your teeth right?
Do you know how loved you are when I tuck you in and say good night?

Are you going to be warm enough? I don’t want you to get cold.
Will I still worry this much when you’re grey and old?

I creep down the stairs and it’s finally time for me.
What will I do with my time now that I’m baby free?

But even when you’re sleeping, I’m still listening. Alert.

Always ready to run to your side if you’re ever crying or hurt.

I try to relax a little. Do something to help me chill.
But if I don’t do the cleaning there’s no one else that will.

So, as I catch up on the telly and watch my favourite shows,
I’m also doing the tidying and washing baby grows.

And even when I get to bed, it doesn’t stop there.
Sometimes that’s when my brain works its hardest, too many thoughts to share.

Did I turn all the lights off? Is everything packed away?
Should I check on you again? “Once more won’t hurt,” is what I always say.

Then as I lay down and try to sleep I think about the day we’ve had.

Have I been a good mum? Or did I do something bad?

Sometimes I sit and question every action and interaction too.
Did I try my hardest? Am I doing the best for you?

Then before I can drift off to sleep I start to think about tomorrow.
What is on my to-do list? And where will we go?

So you see, I never switch off properly. It’s not something I can do.
My mind is always whirling. So many thoughts spiralling through.

So this is why I’m tired, so tired every single day.
Because even when I get some sleep, I can’t keep the thoughts away.


Do you struggle to switch off too?  Or maybe you have some tips for this tired mum? Let me know in the comments below. 

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22 thoughts on “Why I’m always tired: A poem from an exhausted mum

  1. This is a lovely poem and I can relate to this so much. Every word is so true. I find when little one is sleeping, my mind is working more than ever as I contemplate whether I’ve got time to do this and that before she wakes up and then there’s constantly checking on her while she’s napping to make sure she’s okay. #Honeybeelinky

    • It’s hard isn’t it? I never thought I’d be like this but I’ve always been a worrier so I guess I should have expected it would multiply with another person to worry about. I don’t know how I’ll cope if I have more!

  2. This sums it up perfectly – as a parent, you’re constantly on high alert and your brain is juggling a million different things at the same time. Throw in a bit of mum guilt and a few broken nights’ sleep and it’s a wonder any of us survive! Great poem. #dreamteam

  3. You’re so right – as parents, we never switch off and it can be exhausting. I know I’m guilty of staying up too late too, because once my daughter goes to bed I’m desperately trying to catch up on ‘me’ time. #fortheloveofBLOG

  4. Oh what a great poem – I bet so many of us parents can relate! I’ve been trying harder to switch off at the moment & think it’s really helping to write down everything that’s whirring through my head! Bet it helps to be able to express it so well in rhyming form! Thank you for sharing with #blogstravaganza

  5. Love this! So relatable. We mums are just ALWAYS EXHAUSTED, aren’t we, even after a (rare) good night’s sleep! Half the time it’s just mental exhaustion…

  6. Oh yes, I’m the same. Even now :-O There’s always so much to do and so much to remember. I find it hard to switch off and in the evening, instead of winding down, it’s like I’m winding up (if that’s a thing). Thanks so much for sharing your poem on the #dreamteam. Always look forward to these. xx

  7. Sorry if there’s a duplicate comment! I agree so much, my brain is constantly whirring and I never switch off. In fact even though I probably have more sleep since becoming a mum than previously, I’m always tired still! Great poem #thesatsesh

  8. Am glad it isn’t just me! I find it so hard to relax. There is a never ending to do list, I only ever seem to make a small dent in it and then more stuff piles on top. I just prioritise in the end. And accept that not everything will get done when I want it to be and that sometimes things like cleaning has to take a back seat so that I can chill, blog or sleep. Balance is the key but I’ll be damned if I know what the best balance is haha! Thank you for linking up to the #HoneyBeeLinky this week lovely, hope to see you for the next one. xxx

  9. Yes it is sooooo hard to switch off – and this is where the tiredness comes from too (as well as the disturbed nights). I am constantly on high alert when we’re out – checking I have all 3 children with me still and it was particularly exhausting when the girls were at the point when they would run in different directions….. Mum tiredness is definitley lots to do with the emotional drain of the day too! #thesatsesh. xx

  10. I have no tips at all, I’m exactly the same! I’ve always had trouble switching off – I used to really struggle with sleep as a teenager, I’d just run through the day in my head, pondering over things I’d said. And now I’m a mum there are so many things to worry about that it’s just as hard all over again. Mind you, that’s not my current reason for the lack of sleep – I’m firmly blaming the 5 month old baby for that! Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

  11. I hear you, and I can never switch off at all. Even when I’m sleeping my ears are alert waiting for a sniff or sound from our toddler. I wish I could switch off, something that I think all of us could do better at. Thanks for linking up at #fortheloveofBLOG. Claire x

  12. Since the kids I possibly sleep better than I’ve ever done, I used to read myself to sleep and sometimes I do the body map sleep exercise thinking through the parts of the body to sleep. #ablogginggoodtime

  13. This was me a couple of years ago when I was still busy with my Masters. My subconscious mind was just filled with so many things that was floating there. I tried various things but what helped was drinking camomile tea before I went to bed. Hope you find a solution.#TwinklyTuesday

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