10 things you probably didn’t know about me

This week is my birthday and for the first time in a very long time I get to be a little bit self-indulgent. And to continue with that theme this blog is all about me. Well, if you can’t be a little self-indulgent on your birthday when can you be? So, here are 10 things you probably didn’t know about me.

1. I trained as a journalist

I trained as a journalist, I have a BA (Hons) degree.
I graduated top of my class from Kingston University.

One year I interned for Fabulous magazine.
I spent my days interviewing celebs – it was like a dream.

Sadly that experience wasn’t built to last.
Now my celeb-filled days are firmly in the past.


2. I LOVE One Tree Hill

I have an unhealthy addiction to the TV show One Tree Hill.
I’ve watched every episode more than I should admit, but I will.

If ever I’m feeling ill or even just feeling down.
I switch on One Tree Hill and it flips my frown.

The obsession might be a little unhealthy, I think it’s safe to say.
We even included some One Tree Hill quotes on our wedding day.

3. I worked the drive through

I worked in a fast food restaurant for three years.
I have lots of fond memories there, others reduce me to tears.

I met a lot of horrid customers in my time there.
But it taught me to always treat customer service people with care.

Whilst some look down on jobs like this, I worked there with pride.
I was earning money and learning skills, something I shouldn’t have to hide.

4. I love Michael Buble

I love Michael Buble. I really really do.
It’s something I’m often teased about by people who don’t have a clue.

I’ve seen him live twice and both times he was great.
He has an amazing voice that more people need to appreciate.

He also featured heavily on our wedding day.
During the service, dinner and our first dance – his music did play.

5. I didn’t want our dog

I didn’t want our dog. I said no so many times.
But my husband got him anyway, something he often denies.

We were in London and I went to visit a mate.
And when I returned there he was – a dog I couldn’t hate.

Just because I didn’t want him doesn’t mean I don’t love him now, of course I do.
But I could have done without all the extra work that came with him too.


 6. I’m scared of birds

I’m scared of birds. It’s stupid but it’s true.
If one comes flying towards me I don’t know what to do.

If they’re still and not moving I can handle that ok.
But as soon as they start flapping I start running away.

The flapping of their wings really gets to me.
I’m not sure why but I hate it. It’s far too scary.

7. I hate being late

I’m not sure where it came from but I absolutely hate being late.
So often I leave ridiculously early so I never miss a date.

But when you have a baby and a husband too,
Sometimes being late just happens. No matter what you do.

But it doesn’t mean I’m ok with it. It’s really not ok.
I just moan at the husband and blame him for the delay.

8. I have a collection of trolls

Remember those little trolls, with the funky coloured hair?
Well I have a collection of them, that I don’t intend to share.

Now they’re in the spare room, all of them hidden away.
But two got to make a special appearance on my wedding day.

I’m pretty sure my husband hates them, but it doesn’t bother me.
They’re all special in their own way – each has its own history.


9. I watched 13 series of Grey’s Anatomy in a few months

I had great plans for my maternity leave.
But there wasn’t much that I managed to achieve.

Unless you count my mammoth session watching Grey’s Anatomy –
13 seasons watched whilst I snuggled with my baby.

It’s probably not something that I should admit.
But maybe baby will become a surgeon because of it.

10. I’m rubbish at making decisions

I’m rubbish at making decisions. Especially when it comes to food.
I rely on others to pick for me. More than I really should.

If we’re going out for dinner I often look at the menu before we go.
Then I don’t need to worry about deciding because I’ll already know.

And if I haven’t made a decision I often panic and pick quickly.
But when the food comes out I get some serious food envy.

So there you have it, ten things you probably didn’t know about me. Did you learn something new? Tell me something about you in the comments below! 

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12 thoughts on “10 things you probably didn’t know about me

  1. Love this and happy birthday!! We’ve considered getting a dog but then my son was bitten on the butt by an overexcited spaniel!! #thesatsesh

  2. Haha! Brilliant list, it was nice to read more about you! I love Michael Buble too! His Christmas Album will be being played in the house soon, woohoo! Thank you for joining in with the HoneyBee Linky again! Hope to see you next time lovely! xxx

  3. I had an ex who really wanted a dog and I didn’t, he brought it for me for Christmas and I couldn’t not love him, he was the cutest! I too hate being late and arrive everywhere early. Thank you for joining us at #sharingthebloglove

  4. It’s lovely to learn a bit more about you (and in signature rhyming style too!) Your dog is adorable – I love them and am desperate for one. I’m scared of birds too though, and also hate being late – the number of times I end up circling the venue I’m supposed to be at because I’m far too early is ridiculous! Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

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