A letter to my daughter on your first birthday

One minute I was pregnant, the next I blinked and R is one year old! To celebrate I wrote a letter about our first year together so that I can look back and remember all the small details. Plus, scroll down for a video version!

Dear daughter on your first birthday

You came into the world just one year ago.
And changed my life completely – more than you’ll ever know.

From the very first moment you were placed in my arms to hold.
I knew I’d love you forever. My treasure more precious than gold.

The early days were hard as we struggled to find our way.
Feeding was especially challenging in the early days.

I cried a lot in the beginning but not because I was sad.
It was because I loved you so much that I didn’t want to be bad.

I wanted to be perfect – to be the best mum for you.
Once I even cried because I couldn’t make you poo.

But we quickly found our groove. Developed a routine.
And then you started thriving. You truly were a dream.

You looked just like your daddy and of course you still do.
But when I see your grumpy face I know I gave that to you.

When you were little you would fall asleep absolutely anywhere.
But your favourite place to take a nap was cuddled up on the chair.

Now you are a bigger girl you prefer to sleep in your cot.
You’re growing up far too quickly – whether I like it or not.

You absolutely love your food. You always want to eat.
You have a special radar that spots when someone has a treat.

You lean towards the plate signalling that you want more.
And when you’ve had enough you naughtily throw it to the dog on the floor.

You enjoy everything musical. You love to sing and dance.
We sing horsey horsey and you happily start to prance.

You also like to row row row your boat gently down the stream.
But most of all you like to giggle as you let out your scream.

You may not have much hair on top of your pretty head.
But you have the best eyelashes in the world – it has to be said.

Whilst I put you in pretty dresses covered in frills and bows.
You much prefer when daddy dresses you as his favourite superheroes.

Your thirst for adventure is already shining through.
You can’t sit still for a single minute – it’s just not what you do.

You are a little daredevil in every single way.
We’re pretty sure you’re going to be an acrobat one day.

You throw yourself off of the sofa screaming out with glee.
And when daddy throws you in the air it makes you so happy.

You really are a sensitive soul. You have lots of love to share.
You love to give hugs and kisses to all for whom you care.

You’re a little water baby. You love to make a splash.
Whenever you see water, you’re in there in a flash.

Your favourite game is emptying everything. It doesn’t matter what it is.
Nappy bag. Toy box. Washing basket. Bookshelf. Nothing is safe from you miss.

You’ve always been a happy baby – your smile is warm and bright.
The way you scrunch up your nose and laugh is such a delight.

You have brought nothing but happiness into the lives of everyone you know.
You brighten up the room with your smile everywhere you go.

So happy birthday beautiful I hope you enjoy your day.
Lots of love from Mummy. Forever and always.

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37 thoughts on “A letter to my daughter on your first birthday

  1. I loved your poem! I try writing poems as well on my blog.
    My youngest is turning 1 in January too…time goes to fast. x

  2. #thesatsesh yes! fabulous and love the superhero pics (particularly the tutu version) , i kinda want your daughter wardrobe…the leopard print leggings are also super lovely 🙂
    This will make a wonderful reflection to look back on for your little super hero – when she’s all grown up and saving the world 🙂

  3. Aww, your little girl is adorable – I love the superhero outfits, and her giggle is so so sweet! That first year goes by so quickly, and you’ve made me realise I need to take more videos – I love seeing them change so much in such a short space of time. Happy birthday! Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

  4. What a lovely and personal poem to share with us bloggers – thank you! This really took me back….my girl is now 15 – but she had no hair for such a long time too, and now has very long blond locks, and her older brothers were always dressing her in their superhero castoffs!! #TheMMLinky

  5. Awww this is awesome and something little R will treasure when she is old enough to read and realise the importance of it. The lines about crying because you loved her so much that you didn’t want to be bad very much resonated. Just loved it. #thesatsesh xx

  6. Aw what a gorgeous poem! It’s such a milestone isn’t it – that first birthday! My kids get their grumpy faces from me too! #HoneybeeLinky

  7. Awww, lovely, this is so beautiful! Such a gorgeous way to celebrate her first year. Almost as gorgeous as she is! Thank you for linking up with Honeybee Linky, see you for this week’s too I hope! xxx

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