Husband and Wife

An open letter to my husband

Today marks ten years since I met my husband and the father to my little girl. It’s safe to say we’ve been through a lot over the years but having a baby has been our biggest challenge yet. Pre-blog me would have never said anything like this, especially not in public. But, as I’ve vowed to be honest about how life has changed since having a baby in this blog, here it goes…

Dear husband,

My body isn’t what it used to be.
My boobs sag and I’ve got a jelly belly.

My hair isn’t always brushed. I don’t always bother to shave.
I know I don’t always act how a ‘good wife’ should behave.

I’m often tired and grumpy. I have more bad days than good.
I don’t mean to take it out on you. I’d stop it if I could.

Sometimes it infuriates me, those little things you do.
But often it comes down to the fact that I’m slightly jealous of you.

Whilst I’m home changing nappies and dealing with the cries.
You’re off out at work or playing football with the guys.

Have you ever taken a second to think that when I moan,
It’s because it’s not just you that wants to shower and use the loo alone?

But none of this changes the fact that I’m still madly in love with you.
I’d even go as far as to say I love you more than I used to.

You see, since we had our baby and you became a dad,
I’ve seen something different in you that really makes me glad.

The way you love our daughter, it’s a joy to see.
And to see how much she loves you back fills me with glee.

I love the way you play with her and make her laugh out loud.
And the way you throw her in the air and spin her round and round.

I love the way you sing to her when you think that I’m not listening.
And the way she looks at you with her twinkly eyes glistening.

I love the way you hold her close and show her that you care.
And the way she loves you the most – even if I think that it’s not fair.

I know I’m always nagging and often bitching that you’re lazy.
The fact that R never wakes you up really drives me crazy.

But, I really do notice all those helpful little things that you do.
I appreciate that you work long hours and often cook for us too.

I know I don’t tell you enough just how great you are,
But when I’m feeling down and out you are my guiding star.

You pull me out from the darkness and into the light.
You are the one I want beside me every single night.

I’m sorry I’m not perfect – the best wife I could be.
But I really wouldn’t change one thing about our family.

It’s perfectly imperfect, this little family of ours.
Even if I moan about it for hours and hours.

So thank you for sticking by me, after all that we’ve been through.
I can’t wait to see what the next ten years will bring for us two.

I love you.


Husband and Wife
Photo: Martin Pounds

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21 thoughts on “An open letter to my husband

  1. #thesatsesh awww hope he appreciates all he has hun, thanks for joining us in 2017, hope you come back and play in January. Wishing you a happy anniversary and a wonderful Christmas

  2. Happy 10th to you and yours! What a great poem, laughed and cried with you! I too am jealous, only in reverse! I am the GTWM and my Mrs., she is the SAHM. Grass, greener and such! Happy 2018! xoxo #dreamteam

  3. This is a beautiful way to mark such a huge milestone and I think it captures the changes that parenthood brings to a relationship perfectly. Congratulations on such s special anniversary. Thanks for linking to #DreamTeam x

  4. What a gorgeous rhyme and happy 10 years to you both! You clearly love your hubby to bits and what’s a bit of moaning between friends hehe! I know exactly what you mean too, it’s a bit of a roller coaster ride sometimes isn’t it 😉 Thanks for linking up to the #DreamTeam xx

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