Our memory bear

Little Sew and Sews memory bear: A review in rhyme

I never thought I’d be the person to get sentimental over a few old baby clothes. But then suddenly I had a one year old who was growing way too quickly and it happened! There were some bits of clothing that I just couldn’t let sit in a box gathering dust so I had them made into a gorgeous keepsake and I’m so pleased with the results.

I am a hoarder, I know that much is true.
But, hiding away memories in a box isn’t what I wanted to do.

So instead of letting Roo’s baby clothes sit in a box gathering dust.
I knew that creating something special with them was an absolute must.

And when I found Little Sew and Sews at a Little Pickles Market
I knew one of Laura’s creations would be absolutely perfect.

So off I went home to gather my favourite baby clothes,
And I sent away the 10 special ones that I chose.

Baby clothes ready to be sent away
Baby clothes ready to be sent away

Laura was a pleasure to deal with – her service was great,
She listened to my requests which I really appreciate.

The website said it would take up to six weeks for delivery.
So, you can imagine my surprise when it arrived early.

From the very first moment I opened the box,
I was overwhelmed by how much our memory bear rocks.

He might not look like much to you.
But to me he is full of beauty and fond memories too.

I look at him and remember the first clothes that Roo wore.
Her look, her smell, exactly how I felt and so much more.

I can see her little smile as she cooed and babbled away.
And, remember those early days as if it were yesterday.

I see presents from family and friends we hold dear.
That we’ll continue to treasure with each passing year.

She can’t enjoy him now because he’s a keepsake and not a toy,
But I know in years to come he will fill us all with joy,

As we look back and remember the days when Roo was small.
And, have lots of fond memories that we can all recall.

Note: This is not an advert. I ordered this bear and was so pleased that I had to share him with you all. 

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3 thoughts on “Little Sew and Sews memory bear: A review in rhyme

    • Originally we were going to have a blanket made but I was worried our dog would end up snuggling with it and making it smell. I’m so pleased with our bear that I’m glad I changed my mind.

  1. Ah this is great and is such a nice thing to do with the old baby clothes. We have so many all packed away, and when I see them I think how did my daughter ever fit into them. Thanks so much for linking up at #fortheloveofBLOG. Claire x

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