I’d do anything for you

I’d swim across the ocean blue,
Or ride a bike to Timbuktu,
Or pick a fight with a kangaroo,
I’d do absolutely anything for you.

If I was rich with a million or two,
With a luxury yacht and crew,
And enough money to buy all of Fifth Avenue,
I’d give all of it up if I had to for you.

Or, if all my bills were overdue,
And I had to beg at Waterloo,
With tattered clothes and holes in my shoe,
I’d give everything last thing I had for you.

If I were in Machu Picchu,
High in the Andes of Peru,
Being chased by a wild gnu,
I’d still find a way of doing anything for you.

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If I were hit by some weird voodoo,
And turned into a solid statue.
And my brain was the only thing I could use,
I’d use every thought to think of you.

Even when you’re 52,
With children who look up to you,
And a partner who looks after you too,
I’d still do anything for you.

Even when I’m mad at you,
And even if you don’t want me to,
This is one thing that I can promise you.
I’d do anything and everything for you.

Feel free to share if you’d do anything for your kids too! 

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22 thoughts on “I’d do anything for you

  1. So beautiful – It made me think of the song from Oliver Twist. (In a really good way- yours is better!) Brownie points for fitting gnu into a poem haha. I think this is one of my new faves of yours. Thanks for linking up x #DreamTeam

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