Snow angels - a poem from The Rhyming Mum

Snow – it’s not as bad as I thought

I can count on one hand the amount of times Southampton has had a substantial amount of snow in my lifetime. So it’s perhaps not surprising that the city did not handle it well.

But amongst all the chaos I’ve witnessed two amazing things. One, the fascination of a toddler when they experience snow for the first time. And two, the amazing generosity and kindness of people pulling together to help those in need – real life superheroes.

So I’ve written a poem about both of those things. If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you may have already seen these poems (and if you don’t, please do).

My first snow day - a poem from The Rhyming Mum

My first snow day

Something very weird happened last night.
I woke up and suddenly everything was white.
Mum huffed as she looked out the window.
And cursed at the stuff that she called snow.

We wrapped up warm before we went outside,
And I was so excited that I cried – and cried.
Everything was white all around.
And more was falling to the ground.

I took off my gloves and my hat,
But mum shouted at me: “NO. Don’t do that.”
I’m not sure why my mum was complaining,
The amazing white stuff was so entertaining.

But soon I was cold from my head to my toes.
With rosy cheeks and a bright red nose.
So we said goodbye to the stuff called snow,
But I really hope that it comes back tomorrow.

Snow angels - a poem from The Rhyming Mum

Not all heroes wear capes

Our snowmen aren’t the only ones that deserve our attention,
There are so many better men and women that deserve a mention.

You see, something magical happens when it snows,
And we suddenly see some true superheroes.

Like the tractor drivers who helped to clear the roads,
So that stranded drivers could get back to their homes.

Like the plumbers who offered free boiler advice,
And cancelled emergency callout charges – isn’t that nice?

Or the 4×4 drivers who donated their time and their cars,
To help carers reach patients – so many superstars.

Or the emergency services who work whatever the weather,
To keep us all safe despite the extra pressure.

So whilst I’m cosy at home with nowhere to go,
I remember that the real angels aren’t the ones drawn in the snow.

How has the snow impacted you? Have you witnessed any amazing acts of kindness? I’d love to hear your snow stories. Let me know in the comments below. 

27 thoughts on “Snow – it’s not as bad as I thought

  1. Two equally beautiful poems. I particularly love the first one as it captures so well the joy of a small kid’s first time with the snow. #thesatsesh

  2. Oh I love both of these poems! My husband helped a poor woman who’s car had broken down in the snow the other night and I love reading about all the people with 4×4 getting carers and nhs staff to work. It’s amazing how the snow and bring the community together xx #thesatsesh

    • Thank you. What a lovely thing to do. He’s a good’un. It’s lovely to know that there are still so many good people in the world. Even something as small as checking on a neighbour can make all the difference. X

  3. i le your poem Not All Heroes Wear Capes. I love how adversity brings out the best in humanity. People checking on neighbours, helping clear paths, delivering hot food, I love seeing kids outside playing with and without their parents , using their imagination, being adventurous, enjoying the magic of nature. Snow is one of Mother Natures greatest magic ticks. #thesatsesh

  4. I’m Southampton based too! The last time we had more than a dusting was in 2013 and I’ve got a brilliant comparison photo of my daughter from baby to now in it! Your poem, not all heroes wear capes is so true and there were so many people stranded on the A31 on Thursday night wasn’t there? I ended up walking 6-6.5 miles home from work as the roads were so bad #thesatsesh

    • Aww I bet that’s lovely seeing how much shes changed since then. I still can’t believe just how bad it got. I know so many people who were stuck out in it. Fortunately I was able to finish work early and got home before it got really bad. Glad you got home ok even if that walk must have been horrible.

  5. Two lovely poems x My kids have not been interested in the snow this time, I think they are fed up of it all now. We had help with our boiler from a friend on my husbands facebook page. He is a plumber living in Scotland and he phoned my hubby and took him through it all step by step. I guess he’s one of the superheroes. #TheMMLinky

  6. 2 beautiful poems showing the magic of snow. The 2nd one about the everyday superheroes brought a lump to my throat – there really are lots of kind people out there. Thanks for linking up to #thesatsesh xx p.s hope you’ve had a better day today than yesterday (I saw your IG post) xx

  7. We don’t handle snow too well in this country, do we? I live in Scotland where we get slightly more, but I’d still never seen anything like last week’s storm. It’s amazing how people really pulled together to help each other out – my husband and daughter were walking down our snowy street and a woman in a 4×4 picked them up. #dreamteam

    • We definitely do not. My grandparents live in Scotland and they usual find it hilarious how much we struggle with it down south (which is completely reasonable given how awfully we cope) but I think this time they were a bit more understanding. #dreamteam

  8. Great poems as ever you clever woman you! Wish I had your talent. Lovely to hear of joy in the snow. I never really liked it not even as a child although do remember building an awesome snowman with my Dad so magical memories and all that. I think it is sad that these days in the UK all too often it takes extreme events to see real community action on display. #TheMMLinky

  9. I’m always tempted to whinge about how our country seems to grind to a halt at just a few snowflakes, but actually you’re so right. It actually brings out the absolute best in our communities. Thanks for linking up to #DreamTeam with us x

  10. Dawn, the photo of your toddler’s first snow day brought tears to my eyes — soooo adorable! Wonderful that parents can experience second “firsts” through their children’s eyes. And, as always, I love your poem! #BlogCrush

  11. Lovely sentiments in both! It is great to see communities coming together to help each other!
    And congratulations because someone loved this post so much, they added it to the #BlogCrush linky! Feel free to collect your “I’ve been featured” blog badge 🙂

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