The Rhyming Mum visits Marwell Zoo

Line a day diary – February in rhyme

My line a day diary for February is coming in a little late because I got distracted by the snow. Which kind of seems fitting as snow dominated the end of Feb with all the anticipation of whether or not we’d actually be seeing any.For a short month we definitely managed to cram a lot in. You can see a selection of our highlights (and lowlights) below.

February in rhyme

The Rhyming Mum at Royal Victoria Country Park
Royal Victoria Country Park

Feb 1st: Feeling sick after overindulging at Sprinkles.

Feb 2nd: Shopping and the park with some great pals.

Feb 3rd: A wet walk at Royal Victoria Country Park.

Feb 4th: A day of Disney movies really hit the mark.

Feb 5th: Greg is back tomorrow and we all can’t wait.

Feb 6th: A 4.30am start and a flat tyre. Great.

Feb 7th: My mood today is really shit.

Feb 8th: Doesn’t matter what life throws at us we just get on with it.

Feb 9th: Roo is still fighting a cold. It must be horrible for her.

Dog walk at Deerleap in the New Forest
Deerleap (New Forest)

Feb 10th: A trip to Hobbycraft and the garden centre.

Feb 11th: Greg cooked a roast and invited his family.

Feb 12th: The garden is really coming along nicely.

Feb 13th: Thankfully Roo doesn’t know it’s pancake day so we’ll do it tomorrow.

Feb 14th: We actually made some time for each other… it’s Valentine’s Day don’t you know.

Feb 15th: Greg is going away again. I’m not sure I can take it.

Feb 16th: A long walk to Itchen Valley Country Park with some of my favourites.

Feb 17th: A forest trip with Roo and the dog – what a glorious day.

Feb 18th: Who thought it was a good idea to go to Ikea on a Sunday?

Feb 19th: Mother Nature hates me. Is it already that time again?

Toddlers playing at Itchen Valley Country Park
Itchen Valley Country Park

Feb 20th: Too much information I know – but another day of pain.

Feb 21st: Since I had a baby this time of the month is tough.

Feb 22nd: A lovely visit from a great friend who I don’t see enough.

Feb 23rd: An amazing day filled with fun and family.

Feb 24th: A lovely visit to Marwell Zoo, even though it was chilly.

Feb 25th: A day out with my best friend – brunch and shopping.

Feb 26th: The will it or won’t it snow talk just isn’t stopping.

Feb 27th: So far Southampton appears to be the only place missing snow.

Feb 28th: Excitement and dread is in the air – will we finally see snow tomorrow?

The Rhyming Mum visits Marwell Zoo
Marwell Zoo

How was your February? Did you do anything exciting?  Let me know in the comments below. 

You can see our January line a day diary here. And, don’t forget to check back next month to see what we get up to in March. Have a great month!

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4 thoughts on “Line a day diary – February in rhyme

  1. My nan kept a diary for most of her later years – just a few lines each day. She has Alzheimer’s now and I read her diary back to her. It really cheers her to be told of all the places she went and family that visited. This has reminded me to get one started for my kids to look back on xx

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