Good friends are hard to find, harder to leave and impossible to forget

Every mum needs a friend like mine…

I have been a terrible friend lately. I cancel plans last minute, forget to text back and then when I do eventually get out I’m distracted by whatever trouble the baby is getting herself in to.But no matter how awful I am there are certain people that I can always rely on. So thank you for being amazing and putting up with me. This one is for you!

To my best friend…

I know I suck at being a good friend right now.
But you still put up with me somehow.

It really sucks that I don’t get to see you every day.
Sometimes weeks or months pass before I come out to play.

But I know that no matter how much time has passed,
Our friendship will be exactly the same as when I saw you last.

You were my friend long before I had a baby.
And now my life has changed you embrace the difference in me.

You don’t get mad when I forget to text back.
You understand that I’m busy and cut me some slack.

You don’t mind that when we meet that it has to fit in around me.
That you have to come to my house or meet somewhere locally.

You don’t make me feel bad when I start yawning at 8pm.
You understand there will be a time when I’ll stay up late again.

You don’t care that when you come over my house is a mess.
That I haven’t done the dishes or bothered to get dressed.

You don’t care if I can’t be bothered to cook some tea.
Or if on the way over you have to grab me a KFC.

You listen to me moan when life is driving me round the bend.
You really are amazing. You’re such a good friend.

You are my best friend and that’s the way it’ll stay,
As long as you forgive me for acting this way.

It may seem like I don’t have time for you, but that’s not true.
You are still my world and I know I have lots of making up to do.

The only thing I love more than seeing how much you love my baby.
Is seeing how much love she gives back to her honorary auntie.

So thank you very much for everything that you do.
I promise that I will stop sucking and make it up to you.


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13 thoughts on “Every mum needs a friend like mine…

  1. I love this. My friends are like family my kids too, although I too feel like such an awful friend lately. Tonight for instance I’m about to bail on my friends birthday meal as my baby has a stinking cold and I just don’t want to leave her. I keep telling them that one day I’ll stop being so flakey and start being a good, reliable friend again! #TheSatSesh

  2. Awwww whoever this is dedicated to (and I think you’d mentioned 3 lovely ladies on IG) they will be very touched. Friends like these are so important. We are all a bit rubbish sometimes (especially when we have little ones) and so we all understand. Take care and I’m so pleased you have people you can count on xx #thesatsesh xx

  3. This is so sweet! It’s describing me and my best friend perfectly! #dreamteam

    Soffy //

  4. Your friend sounds amazing. I have a very similar rock in my life that has known me since we were children. She always says that “Friends are like the tide: some may come and some may go… but she will always be an octopus stuck to my face”. We all need an octopus and it’s so lovely that you have yours. :0) Thanks for linking to #DreamTeam x

  5. I love this, it is so hard to be a good friend with little ones because life is just so busy. I have one amazing friend who I know will always be there for me #bloggersclubuk

  6. #thesatsesh sorry for the later comment, as always a poetic dream of brutal honesty and owning it. Be kind to you, bestie’s always understand as they often know us better than we know ourselves

  7. Yep! I have been the worst friend since having kids. It’s OK with friends who also have kids as they understand but I feel awful with friends who don’t have children. I just find weeks go by in a flash and I can’t fit everything else in, let alone getting together with people and remembering birthdays! thanks for sharing with #fortheloveofBLOG

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