Ode to a toddler toothbrush | The Rhyming Mum

Ode to a toddler toothbrush | A review in rhyme

Once there was a toddler who refused to brush her teeth.
Her mum and dad tried everything but couldn’t get relief.

When approached with a toothbrush she’d clench her mouth tight shut.
Her parents didn’t know what to do – they were really in a rut.

They sang songs and nursery rhymes. They tried to make it fun.
But the toddler’s teeth remained unbrushed – every single one.

So they tried letting her brush her teeth all by herself.
But her attempt at solo brushing wasn’t good for her oral health.

She’d simply chew on the brush and suck the paste a bit,
Before launching it across the bathroom in a hissy fit.

They tried lots of different brushes and various toothpaste.
But none of it worked. She just didn’t like the taste.

So once every morning and again every night,
The parents had to face the dreaded toothbrush fight.

Her mum and dad tried everything to get her to cooperate.
But nothing seemed to work. The outlook was not great.

They wished for a solution that would cause less of a fuss.
And then they were introduced to the Brush-Baby BabySonic Electronic Toothbrush.

Brush-Baby products | The Rhyming MumThe first time that they used it they weren’t very hopeful,
But the magical toothbrush somehow stopped the dreaded toothbrush battle.

They weren’t sure if it was the soft vibrations or maybe it was the light,
But the toothbrush-hating toddler was suddenly a delight.

At £8.99 it’s more expensive than standard toothbrushes.
But if it does the job well I don’t know what the fuss is.

Two replacement heads are just £3.75,
A small price to pay to help those gnashers thrive.

The tiny brush head and soft bristles make it ideal for cleaning small teeth and gums,
And the two minute light timer is a godsend for mums.

It didn’t take long for the toothbrush to become their new best friend,
And now the toddler only gets upset when the brushing comes to an end.

Brush-Baby sell a range of toothcare products for babies and kids designed to help promote good oral habits from a young age. Inspired by a little girl who chewed her toothbrush the whole range is designed with small children in mind. Visit www.brushbaby.co.uk for more information.

Do you also have a child that refuses to brush their teeth? How do you encourage them to do it? I’d love to know your experiences too so please comment below.

Note: We were gifted a Brush-Baby BabySonic Electronic Toothbrush in exchange for an honest review. As always all opinions and words are my own. 

4 thoughts on “Ode to a toddler toothbrush | A review in rhyme

  1. We loved the Brush Baby products when teeth first started to come through. They are so soft on gums but make it fun. The electric toothbrush went down like a storm in our house. #BloggerClubUK

  2. #thesatsesh We have 2 brushes – old school in the morning and at night it an electric minion creation that little dude adores. I was told by my dentist that i need to keep brushing for him until he’s 8!!!! So, these products seem like a great idea to keep the happiness flowing, i love the light up idea

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