Working away – A dad’s story

If you know me in real life, or follow me on social media, you’ll know that I often moan about how hard it is on me when my husband is working away.

But I don’t always consider how hard it must be for him too.

Last week whilst he was away and I was struggling at home he sent me this poem.

He’s not often one for words and he is definitely not one for writing! So it’s safe to say that this was a bit of a pleasant surprise.

Introducing The Rhyming Dad

You don’t often hear about the dad that works away,
Grafting all night just to earn that bit of pay.

Back to the hotel room not a soul in sight,
Peeping through the curtains comes the morning light.

Sitting in the bed now that his shift is done,
Thoughts of what the day will bring for his little one.

So many other fathers out on the tools,
Only contact with their loved ones by phone or Skype call.

Missing the times that they start to grow,
First steps, first words, what will they do tomorrow?

I don’t love you any less though I chose this life away,
I miss and love you so much, growing stronger with every day.

I hope that when you’re older you’ll understand and appreciate,
The time I spent away from you, the sacrifice I had to make.

To keep a roof over our head,
Keep you in a nice warm bed.

It’s all for you and of course your mother,
Who to me there is no other.

With me most of the time being absent,
She had to play the role of a single parent.

Without her there would be no you,
I wouldn’t have my little Roo.

It’s his rhyming debut so please be kind. Just not too kind or he’ll steal my blog! 

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14 thoughts on “Working away – A dad’s story

  1. Love it. We quite often forget about the working parent who’s away from home often. I know my wife feels it doubly being a working mum leaving her husband at home during the week. #ThatFridayLinky

    • I’m sure she does! We both work but I’m fortunate that mine is more flexible and I get to go home every night where he doesn’t always get that choice. I’m sure there are times where we both want to swap roles for very different reasons. X

  2. So cute it can be hard on the parent being away at work so lovely to read Thank you for linking to #Thatfridaylinky please come back next week

  3. Ah that’s so sweet! The great thing about blogging is that your little one can read this when they’re grown. My Hubbie would never write anything so lovely! It must be hard to be away from your family so I don’t envy him but I suppose at least he brings in a wage and that is important too. I wish you well. Thank you for linking to #DreamTeam this week. Please do pop back next week.

  4. that is the sweetest thing. I always think about how hard it is for dads who work away (or even dads who go to work whilst mum is at home (or vise versa these days) – i would have been so jealous if hubby was home and i had to go to work #dreamteam

  5. Love it 🙂 It’s easy to forgot that it’s just as hard for the parent who works away as it is for the parent who’s holding the fort at home. Hope you’ll let him appear again

  6. A great first poem. But not as good as The Rhyming Mum. So stick to the day job! …. and then enjoy being home when you are

  7. Awwww – this has made me teary (again – bloody hell I need to stop reading your blog when I’m so tired!) What a lovely idea and how sweet of him to surprise you with this. Really powerful to see things from a Dad’s perspective too. Love it! #thesatsesh xx

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