No one gives a shit

Sometimes it really feels like no one gives a shit.
Like no one cares that you’re really suffering through it.

Your boss doesn’t give a shit that you’re feeling tired.
You just have to get on and do your work or you’ll get fired.

Your husband doesn’t give a shit that you haven’t had a break all day.
“I’ve been working hard too,” is all you’ll hear him say.

Your child doesn’t give a shit that you’re feeling ill.
She’ll keep running round in circles refusing to stay still.

The other mums don’t give a shit that you haven’t slept all night.
They’re not getting any sleep either so they don’t care about your plight.

Nursery don’t give a shit that you didn’t have time to read their letter.
Your child was the only one not dressed up – they deserve better.

Your friends don’t give a shit that you can’t find a babysitter.
Look what you’ve become – a real plan quitter.

Sometimes it really feels like no one gives a shit.
But there is always people who do. You’re just not able to see it.

You’ve convinced yourself that no one gives a shit about you,
But does anyone even know what you’re suffering through?

You’ve become so good at saying that you’re doing ok,
That no one would even think to question if there’s truth in what you say.

So next time that you feel like no one gives a shit,
Remember that they will only know to help if you ask for it.

When you’re in a rough place it’s easy to convince yourself that no one cares. But there is always someone who does.

Some people are selfish and only care about themselves, it’s true. But most people are kind and if they knew you were struggling they’d help.

When I started writing this rhyme I was consumed by the feeling that no one gave a shit so it had an entirely different ending.

But now I’m on the other side of a rough patch I can see that people did care I was just blind to it.

If you’re also feeling like no one cares please talk to someone. A friend, a family member, a doctor, it doesn’t matter who.

It can be really hard to open up and ask for help. Especially when there’s that mum guilt shouting at you for feeling this way or the fear of being judged weighing down on you.

But if you can be honest about how you’re feeling and open up to the right person you’ll soon realise that there are plenty of people who care about you. Some of which might even surprise you.

You are awesome. You are loved. You are worthy. Remember that always.

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15 thoughts on “No one gives a shit

  1. Absolutely bloody brilliant! You have totally captured how I was feeling just after Christmas but you are spot on. When I opened up to people it was amazing the outpouring of support from friends and family. Ask for help! Love this!!! #thesatsesh

  2. Such a great post!!! That feeling that no one cares (even though untrue) can be completely overwhelming!! #thesatsesh

  3. Like others have said, I think it can be easy to feel like this sometimes, especially with young children as they are all-consuming! Great reminder to talk to someone or try some self-care doing something you love and see if that helps. Thanks for posting. #thesatsesh

  4. I think all too often we say we are ok when really we could do with a chat with someone. It can be hard to talk sometimes but we should do it more.

  5. I often feel like this. Who cares about me? Why does nobody care that I’ve been up all night or that I’m feeling poorly. But i know that whenever I’ve needed them the most, my friends and family have been there like a shot and always will be. #thesatsesh

  6. It’s hard when you’re living in THAT place to see what other people think. The spiral of negative thinking just doesn’t want you to see the hope, but it’s always there. You’re never alone. You’re never shit. Thanks for linking up to #fortheloveofBLOG x

  7. This. This is what people need to read. Well done for writing such a powerful poem – that appears so simple and yet has such strong important messages. A really key mantra in mindfulness is ‘thoughts are not facts’ and this comes across in this post – we mustn’t assume things of others. You are also right to highlight how important it is that we tell/ask people when we need help. Superbly put together – well done. xx #thesatsesh xx

  8. A great message and one that lots of people will appreciate! It’s easy falling into the ‘I’m fine’ trap.

    And congratulations because someone loved this post so much, they added it to the #BlogCrush linky! Feel free to collect your “I’ve been featured” blog badge 🙂

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