Toddler dancing in the rain - The Rhyming Mum

100 things to do with kids on a rainy day

When it’s raining and it’s pouring.
And your kids are moaning than it’s boring,
There are plenty of fun things for you to do,
Just take a look at this list that I made for you.

There are lots of tasty treats you can make,
Cookies, muffins and cheesecake.
So why not all head to the kitchen
Where everyone can pitch in.

1. Cookies
2. Muffins
3. Cupcakes
4. Shortbread
5. Biscuits
6. Cake
7. Brownies
8. Cheesecake
9. Gingerbread
10. Banana bread
11. Bread
12. Fairy cakes
13. Rice crispy cakes
14. Rocky road
15. Flapjacks
16. Pizza
17. Lemonade
18. Food tasting game
19. Help make dinner
20. Go out for food

Toddler baking - The Rhyming Mum

Or you can have lots of laughs,
Getting arty with some crafts.
So prepare to make some mess,
As your little ones self-express.

21. Finger painting
22. Play dough
23. Colouring
24. Drawing
25. Chalk
26. Waterbeads
27. Clay
28. Plasticine
29. Pasta necklace
30. Decorate a box
31. Make cards
32. Make finger puppets
33. Make a crown
34. Make salt dough ornaments
35. Sensory basket/bottles

Toddler painting - The Rhyming Mum

Being stuck in one location,
Doesn’t matter when you have imagination.
You can be anywhere you want to be,
With a role play activity.

36. Shops
37. Doctors
38. Vets
39. Chefs
40. Families
41. Fashion show
42. Teddy bears’ picnic
43. Turn a box into a car or boat
44. Pirates
45. Zoo

Toddler role play cleaning - The Rhyming Mum

When it’s really awful weather,
It’s a good excuse to play together.
There’s lots of games that you can play,
Whilst you wish the rain away.

46. Board games
47. Card games
48. Jigsaws
49. Balloon volleyball
50. Lego
51. Knex
52. Building blocks
53. Treasure hunt
54. Hide animals in shredded paper
55. Freeze animals/dinosaurs in ice and then excavate

Toddler playing with building blocks - The Rhyming Mum

Or if music is more your thing,
Turn up the radio and start to sing.
There’s lots of ways to enjoy the music
And all that dancing is therapeutic.

56. Sing a song
57. Make up a dance
58. Put on a show
59. Play some instruments
60. Make a musical instrument
61. Sing nursery rhymes
62. Play musical statues
63. Play musical bumps
64. Ribbon dancing
65. Do the limbo

Toddler playing piano - The Rhyming Mum

There’s lots of fun activites,
Hidden in your washing facilities.
So if you’re bored of the playroom,
Take your fun into the bathroom.

66. Bath crayons
67. Bath bombs
68. Water play
69. Wash your dolls
70. Ball pit
71. Mess-free painting
72. Bath jelly
73. Turn your bathroom into a spa
74. Go fishing
75. Bathroom laboratory

Or if you need the volume to decrease,
So that you can get some peace,
Here are some quiet activities,
That are sure to please.

76. Watch a film
77. Make a den
78. Sleepover in the front room
79. Plant seeds
80. Read books

Toddler reading - The Rhyming Mum

You don’t have to stay stuck in the house,
Listening to your kids grumble and grouse,
There’s plenty of places that you can go,
Where the horrible weather simply can’t follow.

81. Garden centre
82. Pet store
83. Museum
84. Gallery
85. Soft play
86. Library
87. Swimming
88. Cinema
89. Role play centre
90. Play group
91. Bowling
92. Arcade
93. Trampoline Park
94. IKEA
95. Toy store

Toddler at soft play - The Rhyming Mum

Or if the lack of fresh air is driving you all insane,
Just grab your wellies and go embrace the rain!
It’s safe to say you might get wet,
But it will be the most fun yet!

96. Dance in the rain
97. Go puddle jumping
98. Play in a mud kitchen
99. Go for a wet walk
100. Visit your local attractions

Toddler dancing in the rain - The Rhyming Mum

So there you have it, 100 things that you can do
Whatever the weather throws at you.

What’s your favourite thing to do on a rainy day? Let me know in the comments below.

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10 thoughts on “100 things to do with kids on a rainy day

  1. Love love love this post, my daughter is such an outdoors baby and when it’s raining she wants out in the puddles. Sometimes that’s not possible. Some great ideas here thank you I’ll remember these. Xx #thesatsesh

  2. You blooming clever lady – I wondered how you were going to do this post when I saw the title on twitter – I thought you wouldn’t not rhyme…. you did so well – a post that is super useful and full of your brilliant poetry…. LOVE it! #thesatsesh xx

  3. A list that is definitely more useful than the book I bought off Amazon! haha… could you please make a ‘part two’ to this blog that gives advice on how to make each one last abit longer as on a rainy day in our house (2-yr-old twins) we’d get through half of those by lunch and by that point of given up on blogging and become a professional referee! well done on the rhyming… inspired! #fortheloveofBLOG

  4. I love this and there are so many ideas that you can do on a rainy day rather than watch TV. I’ll definitely be consulting your list the next time it rains, or when we are stuck indoors. Thanks for linking up at #fortheloveofBLOG. Claire x

  5. All such great ideas – sometimes you need a little help to come up with something the kids will be interested in!! Saving this list for a rainy day (:

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