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Two poems for Father’s Day

It’s Father’s Day this weekend and as usual I’ve left it until the last minute to get my husband a gift from our little girl. Sorry Greg! So I thought you might be able to help me.

I don’t like to spend much on Father’s Day and often opt for something personal instead.

This year I’ve decided to let Roo get crafty and make something. Then I’ll pop a little poem inside a card. If I get the chance I might even put it in a pretty frame to make it extra special.

But the problem is I have two poems and I can’t choose which one.  Can you help me decide?

My Daddy is my hero

My Daddy is my hero
He’s a star in every way
And I know that as I grow
I’ll love him more each day.

He may not be able to fly
Or have other special powers
But he’s a really funny guy
That can make me laugh for hours.

He doesn’t wear a hero costume
He doesn’t have a cape
But when I’m feeling doom and gloom
He always helps me to escape.

He doesn’t carry magic weapons
He doesn’t have a hammer or a shield
But no matter what happens
He’ll always be my protective force field.

He might not be your typical hero
But that doesn’t matter to me
He’s the best person I know
And I get to call him Daddy.

My Daddy

My daddy is my
Piggy back giver
Hand holder
Belly tickler
Monster killer
Super protector
Den builder
Practical joker
Champion hugger
Kiss provider
Ouchie healer
Personal driver
Pocket money supplier
Spider catcher
Snack muncher
But most of all
The best father

Which one do you think he’d prefer? Let me know in the comments below.

10 thoughts on “Two poems for Father’s Day

  1. These are both great!!! I do like the second one especially though !!!Hope a great Father’s Day was had at your house !! #thesatsesh

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