18 months old - The Rhyming Mum

A letter to my daughter at 18 months old

This is getting posted a little later than planned but when you’re constantly chasing around a toddler there isn’t as much time for reflection as you’d like.

A poem for you at 18 months old

It’s been half a year since the last letter I wrote to you,
And what an amazing six months it’s been for us two.
Sometimes I forget that you are just 18 months young.
Because you’ve grown so quickly my little one.
You’re no longer my little tiny baby,
You’re growing into such a sassy little lady.

Little miss sass - The Rhyming Mum

Sometimes I wonder who is the parent,
Because you’ve grown to be little miss independent.
You like to try and do everything on your own,
If I try to help you you just moan and groan.
You have a sassy attitude which is growing stronger each and every day.
You swish your arms and wiggle your hips as you stomp away.

Independent - The Rhyming Mum

You’re starting to talk more now. It’s a joy to hear.
I love the way you just babble away even when no one is near.
Sometimes I have no clue what it is you’ve said.
Whilst other times it’s as clear as day what’s going on in your head.
Your favourite word is no. You say it quite a lot.
You’re quite stubborn for such a tiny tot.

Park life - The Rhyming Mum

You love the garden and you long to be outside.
You’d stay all day swinging or going down the slide.
You’re still a little daredevil there’s not much that scares you.
You climb absolutely anything and then jump down from it too.
Maybe one day you’ll be a gymnast or an acrobat,
But until you have the training please stop scaring me like that.

Swinging - The Rhyming Mum

You still love the water and are doing so well at swimming.
But when I tell you to get out of the bath you dive down and start splashing.
It’s like your kicking your little legs trying to swim away,
Just so you can stay in the bath longer and continue to play.
Whilst I love your enthusiasm I wish you’d splash less,
Because with every kick and paddle you make such a mess.

Bath time - The Rhyming Mum

Right now you love your dolly and carry her everywhere,
You like to brush her teeth and then comb her hair.
You have plenty of buggies to carry your baby,
But you’d rather push her around in your Sainsbury’s trolley.
You also love dressing up and playing with your shoes,
Your favourite outfits are always the ones you choose.

Dressing up - The Rhyming Mum

You love to make friends, especially with the boys.
Holding hands, hugging and sharing your toys.
But your relationship with the dog is the best of all.
You share your food. He shares his ball.
It’s a funny partnership – one that’s built to last,
A sibling-like bond that grew so fast.

Best friends - The Rhyming Mum

You’re such a happy child and bring out smiles wherever you go.
You’re the funny little girl that everyone wants to know.
I hope you continue to be so very kind,
And that you always know your own mind.
Though your independence might sometimes drive me crazy,
It really is such a lovely quality to see.

18 months old - The Rhyming Mum

You’re going to continue to change in the months to come,
But please don’t stop needing cuddles from your mum.
Though you might be ready to grow up fast,
I still wish that these days will last.
I’m excited to see all the great things that you’ll do,
And no matter what happens I will always love you.


6 thoughts on “A letter to my daughter at 18 months old

  1. I loved the shopping trolley line. And isn’t growing up with a dog just amazing. Beautiful poem. So cleverly written. #thesatsesh

  2. #thesatsesh you need to keep all her poems handwritten in a beautiful note book, they are so precious 🙂 as always loved every rhyming word and sparkle of joy in this post.

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