A late night mission

Has anyone else ever found themselves hiding in their child’s room late at night hoping not to get caught? No? Just me? Ok.

It’s late at night and you’re ready for bed,
But before you go to rest your head,
There’s something you need from your toddler’s room.
So you embark on a mission that could end in pure doom.

You push the door open and have a peek,
To decide if it’s safe to go forth and seek.
She’s facing the wall. That’s great you say.
As you push open the door further and set on your way.

But just two steps in she rolls over
So you dive out of the way to take cover.
False alarm she’s still asleep
So further into the room you creep.

By now you know the creaky floorboards well.
So you sneak around them like a graceful gazelle.
But then suddenly out of nowhere
You step on a stray teddy bear.

It could have been worse you think to yourself.
When suddenly the bear starts singing to itself.
Damn you Alfie you are rotten
You curse as you search for the off button.

By some miracle the child is still sleeping,
So you continue with your creeping.
Then suddenly your toddler begins to stir,
But you’re too far in to get out of there.

So when she jerks up her little head
You have no choice but to dive behind her bed.
“Please please please go back to sleep,” you say.
As you hide in the corner and hope she doesn’t look your way.

How have you got yourself into this mess?
Forced to hide in the darkness?
Too scared incase your toddler notices you there,
And spends the rest of the night being a nightmare.

As soon as you think it’s safe to move again,
You leave the room without engaging your brain,
Now you’re stood outside the door,
But you’re not even holding what you went in there for. 

Mission failed

Does anyone else get this? Or is it just me? Let me know in the comments below. 

13 thoughts on “A late night mission

  1. We have all done the sneaking crawl. There is something so mesmerizing about a sleeping baby. UNTIL they wake up! #thatsatsesh

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