pregnancy announcement

Surprise… We’re having another baby!

We’ve been keeping a little secret for what feels like forever but it’s finally time to share it with this pregnancy announcement poem. 

A pregnancy announcement poem

Roses are red, the test lines are blue
In January 2019 our new bundle is due.

That’s right, our family is growing by 10 tiny toes,
Two beautiful eyes and a cute button nose.

It’s amazing news, we’re truly delighted,
We’re on cloud nine and super excited.

We’ve decided not to find out if it’s a girl or a boy,
Because either way this baby will bring us pure joy.

The baby name conversations have already begun,
Girls are easy but we can’t agree on a single boy’s one.

As our family changes from three to four,
We know that there are challenges in store.

But a bit of hard work has never scared me
And we simply can’t wait to meet this baby.

Yet, whilst obviously we’re feeling over the moon,
There have been times I’ve worried: “Is this too soon?”

It’s been a tough few months of horrid sickness,
Raging hormones and extreme tiredness.

I’ve felt overwhelmed and concerned of what’s to come,
Often asking: “Can we really cope with another one?”

But despite the tough moments I’m feeling great,
Because I’m excited to give Roo a new playmate.

And I know that we’ll get through even if times get tough,
Because we have each other and that’s more than enough.

So here’s to our growing family,
I just hope the second trimester is kinder to me!

I was so rubbish at keeping a record of my pregnancy with Roo that I’m determined to document more of this one. So, I’ll be trying to blog about our pregnancy journey. Let me know if there’s anything in particular that you want me to write about.

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