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There for her: A maternal mental health poem

This poem was originally shared on social media as part of Maternal Mental Health Matters Week. But maternal mental health matters all year round so I’m sharing it again.

It’s not always easy to tell when somebody needs your help, especially when they’re too scared to admit it but you have the power to be there. Will you?

There for her

When she’s lost her usual flair,
When she’s pulling at her hair,
When she has no time to spare,
Show her that you are there.
When her load is too much to bear,
When she feels like life’s unfair,
When she feels like no one cares,
Show her they do and be there.
When her smile is no longer there,
Let her cry, shout or swear,
Whatever it is she needs to share,
Listen to her problems and be there.
You might not even be aware,
That she’s in a state of despair,
That she’s living a daily nightmare,
But you don’t need to know to be there.
Because even when she’s not ready to share,
That she’s constantly gasping for air,
Or that she feels stuck right there,
You still have the power to be there.
Pull up a chair.
Show her you care.
And just be there.
Always be there.

Will you be there for her? 

One thought on “There for her: A maternal mental health poem

  1. #thesatsesh so powerful and important – sorry for my late commenting. Motherhood and its hormones effects us all so vastly different and different with different pregnancies. I adore your style as always. Thank you for sharing wisdom and talent in one spoonful.

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