Adventures on a Micro Trike – A review in rhyme

At 1.5 my little miss independent
Decided she was too big for her buggy.
And no matter where we went
She just wanted to walk beside me.

But the problem was her little feet
Couldn’t carry her the whole way.
So, just 5 minutes down the street
I’d end up carrying her anyway.

Carrying a toddler is hard enough,
Without also pushing a buggy,
I was finding it so tough
And then one day we got lucky.

To see if it would help our problem
Micro Scooters kindly sent us a gift,
And now this Rhyming Mum
Has a solution that she can lift!

The Micro Trike folds up small
And is super light to carry.
It’s now our favourite trike of all
Because it is so extraordinary.

As soon as Roo saw the trike
She was super happy.
It was an instant like
And she was desperate for a  journey.

I worried how long it would take
To put the trike together.
But there was no headache
It was the easiest job ever.

On our very first outing
All eyes were on us,
Everyone was commenting
On the trike’s pure genius.

It’s so easy to push it
A true delight to control,
And it stops Roo having a fit
Each time we go for a stroll

Because now she is free
To hop off and on,
And mummy is happy
Because the heavy pushchair is gone.

It’s perfect for a trip to the park
Or a visit to the shops.
This trike really hits the mark,
It’s quite clearly top of the pops. 

The trike has a harness
But it’s not a full support.
So it might not be the safest
Form of wild toddler transport.

So you might want to get a helmet
To ensure your child’s safety,
But other than that
It’s a 10/10 review from me!

Note: We were kindly gifted a trike to try and provide honest feedback. As always all words and opinions are my own.

Does this look like something your little one’s would enjoy? Let me know in the comments below. 

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