Pregnancy diary - Four weeks

Pregnancy diary – Week 4

Whilst we kept the pregnancy a secret for a little while, that didn’t stop me from rhyming about the experiences along the way. So, I hope you enjoy the first in a series of pregnancy related poems.

Dear bump,

Today I confirmed what I already knew,
I peed on a stick and saw two lines of blue.

The first test I tried didn’t work,
And having to wait longer sent me berserk.

But a few hours later I took another test,
And the positive result was simply the best.

You’re there right inside of me,
Just like I knew you’d be.

I had the same feeling with your sister,
A weird sensation, a tummy-twister.

I’m not sure exactly how I knew
But from that very first second I loved you.

I wanted to plan something special to tell your daddy,
But I was too excited and it just spilled out of me.

When I told him he was super excited too
And he’s already started a list of names for you.

Right now you are the size of a poppy seed,
That’s a teeny tiny size indeed.

We simply can’t wait to see you grow,
And welcome you to the family in 8 months or so.

But it will be a while before we see your scans,
Or hear your heartbeat or make any plans.

So until then you’ll be our little secret,
And I’m quite happy to keep it quiet.

I want you to just be mine for a while,
The secret reason behind my smile.

Because even though you have lots of growing to do,
I already have so much love for you.

I don’t have many pregnancy symptoms yet,
But that ‘fun’ will all start soon I bet.

So for now I’m just going to enjoy,
The pure unfiltered baby joy!

When did you first know you were pregnant? Was it a surprise? I’d love to know your stories too so please share in the comments below. And, if there’s anything pregnancy related you’d like me to rhyme about please let me know. 

4 thoughts on “Pregnancy diary – Week 4

  1. Love this rhyme – you really capture the excitement and also the anticipation of doing the test! I did a test with the eldest when my boobs were really sore – I had done loads in the past and we were desperate to have a baby so I will never forget telling my hubby while he was in bed on the Saturday morning. With the twins it was slightly different – we’d had IVF so I had been told what day to do the test…. I couldn’t sleep that night and had persuaded myself I wasn’t pregnant as had NO signs (no sore boobs!) I did it at 4am in the morning and it was a FAINT line that I was a bit in doubt…. I remember going into school and doing an early morning revision session for Y11s but not really being able to concentrate! Sorry for the ramble – your post has brought all the memories flooding back so thank you! xx #thesatsesh

    • Thank you. Aww I love hearing other people’s stories. Especially the differences with the twins. I’d always been lead to believe that twins had more signs. It just proves that I know nothing and every pregnancy really is different. X

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