Mum shaming: It has to stop!

Anyone else fed up of seeing all the mum shaming that’s going on?

We do it to ourselves, we sometimes get it from our friends or family but the worst kind is when it comes from a total stranger.

You really don’t have to look far to find someone criticising another person’s parenting, especially if you’re looking online.

Just recently Kirstie Allsopp was criticised for her decision to sit apart from her sons on a flight, US blogger Elizabeth Broadbent was mocked for her children’s names and Hollyoaks actress Sarah Jayne Dunn was shamed for going on honeymoon without her toddler son.

But it’s not just celebrities that are facing criticism for their parenting decisions.

Bottle vs breast, working mum vs stay-at-home mum and dummy vs self soothing are just a few of the constant battles between mums online and more shockingly in real life too.

Whether you’re at a playgroup, the school gates or even in the supermarket it seems every single parenting decision is open for criticism.

I get that we all have opinions – I’m certainly no angel.

And, I know that it isn’t always meant with malice – we’ve all said things that maybe we didn’t mean or that might have been taken a different way to what we intended.

And, I’m all for sharing parenting techniques and offering friendly advice. But, when it becomes a personal attack because someone’s choices are different to yours, it has to stop.

What happened to live and let live?

Shame on you mum shamers…

Shame on you mum shamers for all that you do,
You put down other mums just because they’re different from you.
Is it because you’re the perfect parent,
That you feel the need to share your unnecessary judgment?

Shame on you mum shamers for tearing other mums down,
Why do you enjoy stealing another woman’s crown?
Does it really make you feel better about yourself,

To put a dent in another mum’s mental health?

Shame on you mum shamers for spouting unsolicited advice,
Can’t you share your ‘expertise’ in a way that is nice?
Why do you enjoy being so publicly judgemental?
Didn’t anyone tell you that if you don’t have something nice to say you shouldn’t say anything at all?

Shame on you mum shamers for not being kind,
Do you really have to say everything that’s on your mind?
Why do you go out of your way to get your cruelty heard?

Next time try showing support, solidarity or have a kind word.

Please all you mum shamers let’s just stop the shaming,
And let’s all just concentrate on our own child-raising.
If you do you and let other mums do the same

There really isn’t any room for all that shame. 

Have you experienced mum shaming of any kind? How did you deal with it? Let me know in the comments below. 

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