Pregnancy diary – My mum guilt

I’m not sure if I’ve just forgotten all of the tough stuff but as far as I can remember my pregnancy with Roo was nowhere near as challenging as this one.

I felt sick and had the usual aches and pains but on the most part I was still able to semi-function like an actual human being.

So, when this pregnancy hit me with awful morning sickness I was floored.

And, as a result, poor Roo has suffered because I’ve had less energy to devote to her.

I knew having another baby would change our relationship but I didn’t think it would happen this soon.

So this poem is all about my mum guilt. 

Dear Roo,

This baby isn’t even here yet and I already feel like I’m failing you.
But I never want you to feel like you come second, now that you’re one of two.

I promise that the change in me is not because I love you any less,
It’s simply just a case of exhaustion and morning sickness.

I don’t have as much energy as I used to and I often need to lie down.
I’m sorry if it seems like I now wear a permanent frown.

You’re watching loads of TV and eating more crap than you should,
You’re getting less of my attention than I ever thought you would.

Sometimes you catch me crying for no reason at all,
But please know that it’s not your fault when I suddenly start to bawl.

My patience is running thin and I’m sorry for that too,
But please know that it’s absolutely nothing to do with you.

I know that you know that something is happening
But I’m not sure if you fully understand this baby thing.

I promise this isn’t forever, it’ll all be over soon,
And when you meet the new baby I know you’ll be over the moon.

Because I can already see that you’re going to be the best big sis,
By the way you look at my belly and then give it a kiss. 

Did you experience any additional mum guilt towards your other children in pregnancy? How did you deal with it? Please let me know in the comments below. 

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