Pregnancy diary – Week 8

For the latest entry to my pregnancy diary I look back to 8 weeks in when I was feeling constantly sick and avoiding telling people. 

Dear bump,

Right now you are 8 weeks old,
The size of a kidney bean I’m told.
It’s weird to think that you’re still so small
When my love for you is already colossal.

This week I told the Dr that you were in my belly,
And the process began to find a midwife for you and me.
It still baffles me that they just took my word for it.
I was half expecting to have to prove it.

I also had to tell work because I feel so shit,
Because let’s face it there really was no hiding it.
It feels weird now that people know about you.
But it’s still a little secret reserved for a special few.

I can’t describe this feeling of wanting you to stay just mine.
But I don’t want anyone to know until further down the line.
It’s like the more people that I tell the more I have to share you
Or maybe it’s because I’m scared of losing you.

Some people are easier to hide it from,
But others are so much harder – like my mum.
I’m sure some people have probably guessed already
But I’ll still keep you a secret baby. 

Right now I feel so sick every single day,
That hungover feeling just won’t go away.
It’s an absolutely horrid feeling
That makes me want to avoid everything.

I don’t remember ever feeling this bad with your sister
But maybe that’s because I wasn’t raising a toddler.
Or maybe all the tough bits just became a distant memory,
When I finally met my beautiful baby.

Also, insects seem to love me now,
You must have made me tastier somehow,
Because those pesky little mites,
Have covered me in so many bites.

You still have lots more growing to do
But we already can’t wait to meet you.
So you keep on growing big and strong
And I’ll be patiently waiting for you to come along.


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