Pregnancy diary – week 10

Ten weeks in and I’m talking about my pregnancy symptoms and meeting my midwife for the first time. 

Dear bump,

We’re 10 weeks through the pregnancy,
And you’re roughly the size of a strawberry.

We’re just one quarter of the way through,
And already I have so much love for you.

Today I got to meet our midwife,
And it’s like I’ve known her my whole life.

Her name is Emily and she’s easy to talk to,
And another midwife, Rachel, was there too.

We talked about my health and history,
And everything else to do with this pregnancy.

The level of risk is so far considered low,
Which is, of course, so amazing to know.

I had to have a routine blood test,
But my veins are never the best.

So it took a small needle and some prodding,
But soon my blood was finally spilling.

I also had to pee in a pot,
Some find that easy – I do not!

It’s starting to feel more real now that we’ve been talking about you.
Just a few more weeks and then we get to see you too.

I have lots of symptoms I don’t remember experiencing with Roo.
I feel a lot more stretching and my back hurts already too.

The sickness seems to have subdued a bit,
But I still don’t really feel with it.

My boobs have already grown so much,
And are a bit more sensitive to touch.

But no matter what symptoms are thrown at me,
I’ll be grateful that I’ve got you baby.

What do you remember about being 10 weeks in? Did you have lots of pregnancy symptoms? Or were you one of the lucky ones? Let me know in the comments below. 

Note: These diary entries were written at the time but have taken me some time to post so do not necessarily coincide with where I am currently in pregnancy.

ps. I really should have taken this photo before the toddler got her hands on the strawberries. But then beaten and bruised probably accurately describes my insides right now.

2 thoughts on “Pregnancy diary – week 10

    • The exhaustion is crazy isn’t it? It’s weird looking back at this now because I said I started to feel better and then I spent week 11 hugging a toilet again! It’s all worth it in the end. X

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