Girl meets boy: An anniversary poem

Eleven years ago I met a boy. Little did I know he’d change my life forever.

Once upon a time in the city of Southampton,
A girl and boy were out one night with no idea what was about to happen.

Whilst they hit it off as friends from the very start,
It would be a while before they shared their feelings of the heart.

They started going out, but they were much too young.
Their relationship sadly ended before it ever really begun.

They went their separate ways and time moved quickly on,
But soon boy started to realise he missed girl now she was gone.

So he went on a mission to win back her heart,
And soon they were back together for a fresh new start.

All was going well, but girl was leaving for university.
No one thought it would last. It clearly wasn’t meant to be.

But they stuck it out, through good times and through bad,
And they survived the whole 3 years until she became a grad.

Back home things were going great, a truly perfect pair,
But girl’s first graduate job meant she was moving elsewhere.

Could they survive another move? No one could really know.
But their relationship was strong enough for them to give it a go.

One again they made it work, they proved everybody wrong,
And then one cold February night, they showed their love was strong.

On a surprise hotel break he got down on the wrong knee,
And asked a special question that she answered happily.

Engaged to be married, she soon moved back home,
And later they were living in a place of their own.

They welcomed a dog to the family, although she did protest.
Happy ever after was in sight. They were truly blessed.

Then on a sunny day in August they finally walked down the aisle.
And there was an awkward Friends moment that made everybody smile.

They started their next adventure as husband and wife,
And soon they were ready to begin the next stage of their life.

Instead of the two of them, there would now be three,
As they welcomed a little girl to their family.

Now exactly 11 years after they very first met,
They’re about to take on their toughest challenge yet.

Their family is growing, three is soon to become four.
Another little love for them all to adore.

Whilst their lives are far from perfect, there are highs and lows,
There is no other life that they would have chose.

So that’s the story of girl and boy and the struggles they’ve overcome,
But as we all know the adventure has only really just begun.

Would you be interested in a poem like this?

Someone suggested I start accepting commissions for poems like these so I’m curious to know if it’s something that people would actually pay for. Maybe as an anniversary or wedding present? Or even a wedding speech? Let me know what you think.

In the meantime I’ll be sat by the door waiting for the postman to deliver my medal for putting up with Greg for 11 years.

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