A letter to my daughter on your second birthday

To celebrate my daughter’s second birthday I added another poem to her collection. I hope one day she looks back and reads these and knows how much I love everything about her. 

Hey there my darling Roo,
I can’t believe that you’re now two!

You’re sensitive and sweet,
A bulldozer on two feet.

You’re sassy and strong,
You don’t like to be wrong.

You love to dance and sing,
And like to climb everything.

You’re incredibly brave,
And you like to misbehave.

You have zero sense of fear,
And you love when daddy’s near.

You’re really kind and caring.
But you’re not fond of sharing.

You have lots of love to share,
But an impressive death stare.

You like your personal space
And hate others in your face.

You have a devil streak,
But laugh it off with cheek.

You are fiercely independent,
And far too intelligent.

The two of them combined
Have given you a strong mind.

Whilst it’s incredible to see
I wish you’d use it less with me.

You think you’re the boss of the house,
Shouting orders at everyone else.

You’re growing faster with each day,
And you make me proud in every way.

Your biggest challenge is yet to come,
But I know you’ll be great little one.

Soon you’ll have a brother or sister,
And I know you’ll love him or her.

You often ask to see the baby,
And then tickle and kiss my belly.

You practice all your sister duties
With your little dolls and teddies.

It’s so beautiful to watch you grow,
And I love you more than you’ll ever know.


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4 thoughts on “A letter to my daughter on your second birthday

  1. #thesatsesh sorry I’m so late 😦 happy new year hun. Of course she will read them, id pop them all in a book for her and add them with photos as the years roll 🙂
    ironic that I’m old skool about such things and have a blog lol.

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