My perfectly average maternity leave bucket list

Before I went on maternity leave the first time I remember reading an article about all these fantastic things that mums had done whilst taking time off work to look after their new babies.

Some wrote books, some travelled the world and some launched their own businesses. How amazing is that?

So you can imagine my shock when I found myself on maternity leave and accomplishing nothing – well except keeping a tiny human alive. I was lucky if I even managed to shower some days.

This time I know maternity leave will be different as I have a toddler too. But I’m determined to try and enjoy it more without putting all the extra pressure on myself.

So here’s my completely average, totally achievable maternity leave bucket list.

Wish me luck!

Watch lots of crap TV

Visit all the family

Explore more of the local town

Spend the day in your dressing gown

Watch a film from beginning to end

Go out and make a new mum friend

Take a nap during the day

Pamper all of your cares away

Go for a coffee and cake treat

Take prints of little hands and feet

Treat yourself to some new clothes

Shoot and print lots of special photos

mat leave bucket list

What would you put on your maternity leave bucket list? Let me know in the comments below. 

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