A simple thanks could never say how great you are in every way

Thank you midwife poems

Last week I was discharged by my community midwife and I am absolutely gutted to have had to say goodbye. I am so lucky to have had such an amazing team of ladies supporting me throughout my pregnancy, labour and after the birth. To say thank you I wrote each of them a little rhyme, two of which you’ll find below.

To my community midwife,

I’ve been trying to find the words to say,
How amazing you’ve been each step of the way.
But no amount of words could ever express,
How grateful I am for your support and kindness.

You’ve been there for me from the very start,
With your smiling face and super warm heart.
You supported me each step of the way,
And deserve more thanks than I could ever say.

I’m so gutted that you weren’t there to see,
The amazing birth of our beautiful baby.
But I’m forever thankful for all you did along the way,
To ensure she was delivered safely that day.

Thank you for listening to my concerns and worries,
For answering my questions and putting me at ease.
Thank you for explaining everything so simply to me,
And for never making me feel like I was being silly.

Thank you for all the laughs we’ve had along the way,
Your positive energy is enough to brighten any day.
Thank you for always listening to concerns of mine,
For never making me feel like I was wasting your time.

Thank you for all of the amazing work that you do,
But most of all thanks for being you.
I’m so glad I was given such an incredible midwife.
I’ll remember you and your kindness for all of my life.

Lots of love from a Rhyming Mum

To the midwife who delivered my baby,

Thank you for looking after me during Q’s birth,
You must be an angel sent down to earth.
I look back on her birth so positively,
Because you supported us so perfectly.

Whilst the labour might not have been that long,
You helped me to stay calm and strong.
Thank you for your constant words of encouragement,
For helping me believe that I could do it.

But most of all thank you for delivering my baby safely,
For looking after her and for looking after me.
I’m so grateful to have had such a great midwife,
And I’ll remember you now for the rest of my life.

Lots of love from a Rhyming Mum

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