A pancake day poem plus 5 tasty recipes

A little rhyme to show my love for Pancake Day plus 5 tasty recipes for you to try.

I like pancakes

I like them in the morning
I like them at night
I like them in the afternoon
I like to savour every bite

I like them with ham
I like them with cheese
I like them with sausage
I’d like them all please

I like them with blueberry
I like them with pear
I like them with any fruit
But I do not like to share

I like them with butter
I like them with honey
I like them any which way
As long as they’re all for me

Whilst I love eating pancakes I’m not the best at making them so some lovely bloggers sent me some recipes to inspire my cooking this year:

Pancake Kebabs

This pancake kebab recipe from Baby Not Included Blog is a great one to try with the kids. Slice up the fruit and let them choose how they want to stack their kebab. Plus, the small bitesized pancakes are super cute! My toddler loved this idea.

Birnenpfannkuchen – German Pear & Ginger Pancake Recipe

If you’re looking for something a little different to try I recommend this German Pear & Ginger pancake recipe from Hodge Podge Days. It’s a lovely baked pancake pudding (think of it like a sweet toad in the hole with fruit rather than sausages) plus it’s simple to make – even for novices like me.

Blueberry American pancakes with streaky bacon and golden syrup

If you like to keep it more traditional you’ll love this recipe from Big Stevie Cool for Blueberry American pancakes with streaky bacon and golden syrup. Can’t you feel your tastebuds tingling just reading that sentence?

Ready Brek pancakes (wheat free/diet friendly)

This Ready Brek pancake recipe from Whinge Whinge Wine is wheat free, Slimming World Syn free, diet friendly and looks really yummy. Plus, I’m told they’re really easy to make and you’ll only need three ingredients.

Breton galettes and crepes

If you prefer savoury pancakes take a look at this cooking demonstration for Breton galettes from Falcondale Life. Whilst they look simply delicious I don’t think my cooking skills would be up to scratch but if you’re offering to make them for me I’ll take them.

Pancakes really split opinion in our house. I love them and think that sweeter is better but my husband hates them. Where do you stand? Let me know in the comments below.

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