My perfectly average maternity leave bucket list

Before I went on maternity leave the first time I remember reading an article about all these fantastic things that mums had done whilst taking time off work to look after their new babies.

Some wrote books, some travelled the world and some launched their own businesses. How amazing is that?

So you can imagine my shock when I found myself on maternity leave and accomplishing nothing – well except keeping a tiny human alive. I was lucky if I even managed to shower some days.Read More »

Pregnancy diary – Scan nerves

As a natural worrier “don’t worry” is one of my most hated phrases. It’s often not as easy as that. Especially when it comes to pregnancy.

As I approached my 12 week scan I was filled with a mix of nerves and excitement. Despite having been ill for a large part of the first trimester I remember feeling as if I’d made the whole pregnancy up. Like they were going to do the scan and find nothing – it was all in my head. It seems silly to think about now. But it’s just one of those pre-scan worries I had.

This rhyme was written at that time and covers some of my pre-scan thoughts and feelings in more detail.

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Pregnancy fears - The Rhyming Mum

Pregnancy diary – The fear

Please note that this post mentions baby loss which could be a trigger for some.

This poem has been sat in my drafts for a long time. It’s something that I think about frequently but saying it out loud, or hitting publish in this case, just makes me worry even more. I worry about somehow jinxing my pregnancy or upsetting/offending someone who has experienced loss. But I promised myself that I’d be honest and talk about even the hard stuff… so here goes.Read More »

Pregnancy diary – My mum guilt

I’m not sure if I’ve just forgotten all of the tough stuff but as far as I can remember my pregnancy with Roo was nowhere near as challenging as this one.

I felt sick and had the usual aches and pains but on the most part I was still able to semi-function like an actual human being.

So, when this pregnancy hit me with awful morning sickness I was floored.

And, as a result, poor Roo has suffered because I’ve had less energy to devote to her.

I knew having another baby would change our relationship but I didn’t think it would happen this soon.

So this poem is all about my mum guilt. Read More »